Science @ a glance


Diploma of Science

(CRICOS Code 063387K)

The Diploma consists of Deakin's first year degree units and leads into Deakin University's Bachelor degrees in biological science, biomedical science, environmental science, forensic science or zoology and animal science.


  • Small class sizes taught by university level staff
  • 3 possible start dates (Mar, Jun, Oct)
  • Fast track option available (complete in 8 or 12 months)
  • Extra contact time with your tutors
  • Access the facilities of a large university without getting lost in one


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Entry into 2nd year of

Bachelor of Biological Science

(CRICOS Code 085577M)

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

(CRICOS Code 058793E)

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Environmental Management and Sustainability)

(CRICOS Code 075361K)

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology)

(CRICOS Code 055286D)

Bachelor of Forensic Science

(CRICOS Code 073106A)

Bachelor of Science

(CRICOS Code 076198G)

Bachelor of Zoology and Animal Science

(CRICOS Code 075365F)

Diploma Campus Locations

  • Geelong Campus at Waurn Ponds

Popular careers for graduates

Biological Science

  • hospital, analytical and diagnostic laboratory scientists
  • research scientists
  • food and agriculture-based industries
  • animal health
  • quarantine
  • wildlife biology

Biomedical science

  • biomedical research
  • further studies in medicine, veterinary science,
  • genetic counseling, patent law, genetic engineering
  • hospital and laboratory science
  • pharmaceutical/medical sales

Forensic science

  • education
  • forensic scientist within the criminal justice system
  • insurance investigation
  • pharmaceutical and chemical industries
  • risk analysis

Environmental Management and Sustainability

  • environmental planning and policy
  • environmental protection
  • climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • industry-based environmental management
  • waste management
  • environmental education
  • catchment and water resource management
  • land rehabilitation and pollution control
  • environmental science


  • ecology and natural resources
  • education
  • food and agricultural industries
  • information technology-related industries
  • pharmaceutical, health and medical industries

Wildlife and Conservation Biology

  • environmental science
  • wildlife officer/manager
  • conservation officer
  • park ranger
  • project officer
  • research scientist
  • wildlife biologist
  • conservation biologist
  • landscape ecologist

Zoology and Animal Science

  • research assistants
  • environmental managers
  • quarantine officers
  • pest management officers
  • collection managers of aquaria and zoological gardens

Tuition Fees

Year International Students Australian Students FEE-HELP


A$26,100 (A$3,262.50 per unit)

A$21,440 ($2,680 per unit)

available for Australian students