Commerce @ a glance


Diploma of Commerce

(CRICOS Code 022637C)

The Diploma of Commerce consists of Deakin's first year degree units and provides you with the foundation for further specific study in areas such as accounting, finance, economics, business law, information systems, marketing and management. You will specialize in your preferred area when you enter second year at Deakin University.


  • Small class sizes taught by university level staff
  • 3 possible start dates (Mar, Jun, Oct)
  • Fast track option available (complete in 8 or 12 months)
  • Extra contact time with your tutors
  • Access the facilities of a large university without getting lost in one


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Entry into 2nd year of

Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)

(CRICOS Code 072593G)

Bachelor of Commerce

(CRICOS Code 001838A)

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Information Systems

(CRICOS Code 078142G)

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws

(CRICOS Code 002452M)

Bachelor of Information Systems

(CRICOS Code 078140K)

Bachelor of Laws

(CRICOS Code 026686F)

Bachelor of Property and Real Estate

(CRICOS Code 060343B)

Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Commerce

(CRICOS Code 072834F)

Bachelor of Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Laws

(CRICOS Code 080323G)

Diploma Campus Locations

  • Melbourne Campus at Burwood
  • Geelong Waterfront Campus

Popular careers for graduates


  • accountant
  • advertising assistant
  • business analyst
  • eBusiness project manager
  • economic analyst
  • economic policy developer
  • electronic marketing manager
  • employee relations officer
  • employment and equal opportunity officer
  • event operations coordinator
  • financial planner
  • financial security analyst
  • human resource officer
  • information systems consultant
  • marketing consultant
  • project manager
  • sport facility manager
  • sport marketer
  • systems analyst and designer
  • training and development


  • Barrister
  • Solicitor
  • Lawyer

Information Systems

  • project managers
  • business analysts
  • security analysts
  • business intelligence analysts
  • database developers and administrators
  • web designers and developers
  • information systems project leaders

Sport Management

  • community sport and recreation officer
  • events coordinator
  • events manager
  • marketing manager
  • player/athlete manager
  • recreation and sport facilities manager
  • sport director
  • sport manager
  • sport marketing consultant
  • sport marketing officer/manager
  • sponsorship manager

Tuition Fees

Year International Students Australian Students FEE-HELP


A$21,940 (A$2,742.50 per unit)

A$18,240 (A$2,280 per unit)

available for Australian students